Ferrari is considered one of the most expensive and recognisable brands in the world. Its prancing horse on a yellow background logo has become a symbol of wealth and luxurious living. Probably most people who hear words “car race” and “speed” will visualise a Ferrari car. This brand has always been and will be an integral part of racing. Competitions without Scuderia Ferrari car is simply impossible to imagine.

Ferrari is a benchmark of quality and embodiment of reliability. Powerful and luxury car without a compromise, with amazing design, and incredible pleasure from fast and smooth movement inaccessible to ordinary cars. For decades, Ferrari has been a leader in the world of luxury sports cars, setting standards for speed, dynamics and comfort. Try one of our available models at Luxury Prestige Car Hire today.

Founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, fell in love with racing when he was a boy. He decided to make racing his life. His career began at Alfa-Romeo, and his dream to create a perfect, fast like the wind, racing car became a reality in 1946 when a first Ferrari 125 model was born.

The Ferrari BadgeThe legendary logo of Ferrari has a heroic past. The “Prancing Stallion”, decorated the fuselage of fighter pilot Francesco Barakka’s aircraft. At the end of the First World War, the image was transferred to Enzo Ferrari, who placed it on a yellow shield (the colour of his home city of Modena), added the Italian tricolour and made the logo of its Scuderia.

A Ferrari car is the dream of every driver. A trip behind the wheel of Ferrari is a happiness of driving one of the most luxurious cars in the world, a feeling that is simply impossible to describe. Perfect ergonomics, impeccable style, the level of electronic equipment and comfort, unrestrained power and mind-blowing responsiveness. Ferrari is a real legend for many people, and this legend was created by just one person. Enzo Ferrari and his cars for nearly 75 years left far behind their strongest competitors, while invariably causing delight and respect from all lovers of automotive technology.

Ferrari hire UK

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