Audi is one of the premium German automotive brands that offers luxurious, stylish and classy cars. Most people have a luxury car in mind when they talk about the car of their dreams.

Audi R8 interiorThanks to our luxury car hire services, luxury Audi models are now available to anyone who wish to hire it. At Luxury Prestige Car Hire, you can rent a number of exclusive Audi models for any period, those cars became an excellent addition to our large luxury car park.

The Audi is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, the company was founded in 1909 by talented German engineer and designer August Horch. His surname, in German, means “to listen”, which in Latin translates to “Audi”. In the first part of the last century Audi became a symbol of high quality and innovative vision. While, the history of Audi began in 1909, the famous four rings on the radiator grille of Audi cars appeared only in 1932, after company merger with three other German manufacturers of cars and motorcycles.

Whatever Audi model you hire, one fact will remain unchanged: the highest build quality, excellent quality of materials and unsurpassed manageability. Audi cars simply radiates comfort, both for driver and passenger. In addition to comfort prestigious Audi models are bold in execution. They offer exclusivity, and emphasise the elegance, status and success of its driver. Prestigious cars are always in fashion.

When one hires a luxury Audi car it is immediately clear that such a ‘horse’ will be a calling card. At Luxury Prestige Car Hire, we are happy to offer our Audi selection that include Audi R8 Spider V10 and Audi TT, both of our modes are convertible.

Audi R8 detailPrestigious Audi models are suitable for many events such as wedding celebrations, business trips, filming, photo shoots, birthday parties, or just a simple ride in the city or a country side. Why not try short term renting of an executive class Audi for an important business meeting, or meeting VIP guests at the airport. The elegant look of the luxurious car will simply say more than words about respect, influence and success of a person riding it. After all, these cars are almost impossible not to notice in the flow of traffic.

Renting a prestigious Audi with us at Luxury Prestige Car Hire will bring an unforgettable impressions and wonderful memories.

At Luxury Prestige Car Hire you can rent any of the available Audi cars either short or long term. We can deliver your chosen luxury Audi to any address, a station or an airport. If you want to take one of the German beauties for rent, contact one of our manager today for availability.