Mercedes E Class (2017 coupe – silver)
Mercedes SLK Roadster (2017 convertible – silver)
Mercedes S Class (2017 coupe – blue)
Mercedes SL Roadster (2017 convertible – black)

Mercedes is one of German Big 3 automobile manufacturers along side with BMW and Audi, selling the largest number of premium cars in the world. Mercedes is the benchmark for durability and quality worldwide. There are cars – and there are Cars. Some simply leave traces, others make history. The latter, without any doubt, is a Mercedes. The brand, which for many is the embodiment and the symbol of prestige and quality.

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The history of the creation of the Mercedes Benz began in the distant 1883, when 39-year-old Karl Benz, an engineer from Mannheim (Germany), registered Benz & Cie. Around the same time Gottlieb Daimler created Daimler-Motoron-Gesellschaft, Daimler’s cars were produced under name Mercedes, which was his daughter’s name. Since 1886, two carmakers, Benz and Daimler developed their cars in parallel, and in 1926 they merged into Daimler-Benz concern.

Respectable and luxurious, charismatic and prestigious Mercedes worldwide has earned the status of a cult car. Mercedes is a permanent symbol of wealth, success and prosperity. The most demanding customers are aware of the outstanding qualities of Mercedes Benz cars.

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Our luxury car rental fleet has the best models of Mercedes brand for any occasion. You can rent with us at Luxury Prestige Car Hire the following models: Mercedes E-class, Mercedes SLK Roadster, Mercedes S Class and Mercedes SL Roadster.

Mercedes E-class is a worthy representative of the luxury cars. It combines modern technology and high quality, and equipped with all the latest revolutionary systems, which gives impressive performance. The power unit is able to satisfy the needs of even the experienced motorist. The letter “E” in the model name denotes the Executive class or business class. Mercedes E Class is often associated with perfection of technical solutions and special elegant design.

Mercedes, like no other brand, knows a lot about designing roadsters. And Mercedes SLK Roadster is one of the most striking and successful products of the legendary car manufacturer. The SLK Roadster has a shape of a flying arrow. It is synonymous with prestige and a testimony of high status. Despite the very compact size, this convertible SLK is very comfortable. Every second in the cabin of a luxury Mercedes SLK Roadster will fill your heart with joy and pleasure.

In the extensive list of luxury cars, the Mercedes S Class occupies a special place. This car is concise, reliable and simply beautiful, it attracts the eye to its unobtrusive luxury. If you want to experience latest technology, maximum comfort, and sit behind the wheel of a luxury car that is incredibly elegant, yet has classic forms, then the best choose will be Mercedes S Class coupe.

Mercedes SL Roadster has everything you expect from a prestige sports car and even more, including incredible features, speed and reliable handling. And thanks to the hinged roof you will need just one click to plunge yourself into the world. Bright as a spark, fast, agile, and eye-catching, the SL roadster will set the expressive atmosphere to your trip. Nothing can create the same holiday mood as the SL Roadster.

Renting a luxury Mercedes model is the choice of those who value their time and reputation. With Luxury Prestige Car Hire you can choose the most reliable and respectable car, which is ideal for business trips, city tours or meeting and greeting guests.

You can hire a car of your choice for short or long term, and our managers at Luxury Prestige Car Hire will be happy to help with arranging a delivery to any location, hotel or an airport. Contact us to book one of our luxury cars, or fill out the form and we will call you back to set you up on your next experience.