McLaren is considered to be one of the most famous, and at the same time, the youngest car brands. All McLaren models are unique and look like they came to us from the future. The real legend of the company’s line-up is McLaren F1 – one of the best supercars of the twentieth century, which has become a symbol of an entire era.

While Bentley and Aston Martin are well-known British manufacturers of exclusive cars, McLaren is famous for their Formula 1 team and its racing history.

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The McLaren team, named for its founder Bruce McLaren, who was not only a racer, but also an engineer, was founded in late 1963. The team was one of the most successful in the racing in 1960s. In addition to team’s brilliant performances, McLaren built numerous copies of their victorious cars for sale. This was the beginning of the British manufacturer era.

McLaren is the embodiment of sustainable power. Emotions from driving begin to explode the moment the arrow on the speedometer moves up. Immerse yourself in the world of unforgettable sensations behind the wheel of McLaren supercar.

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mclaren spider

McLaren 570S Spider is a race car for the road, it offers drivers an unforgettable driving experience. Fully focused on driver and performance, the 570S will impress with its rare combination of sophisticated ergonomic design and racing technology. Causing envy among others in its class, this car has the most effective power-to-weight ratio, providing you with a dynamic ride every time you get behind the wheel.

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