Maserati became an Italian legend, a symbol of luxury and wealth, the most recognisable brand of exclusive luxury cars. It has an impeccable style, the richness of exterior design, elegance and luxury of interior, high level of safety and excellent driving characteristics. All this makes Maserati to stand out from other prestige brands.

Hire a legendary Maserati with Luxury Prestige Car Hire and enjoy forever remained the only brand in the executive class, who successfully combines sportiness, elegance, impeccable handling, exclusive finishing and power.

Maserati was created in 1914 by the Maserati brothers. Farmer Rudolfo Maserati had six sons, five of whom devoted their lives to automobiles, inheriting their father’s passion for speed. But all sons, one way or another, have contributed to the development of the Maserati brand. When Mario Maserati created the distinctive trademark of the trident, he outlined the company’s mission to reign in the production of automobiles. Nowadays, Maserati is a leader of premium business class and sports cars.

Maserati stands out due to its unusual and striking appearance. The cars of this brand have no sharp corners, all lines are smooth and concise. When sitting behind the wheel of one of the Maserati models, you will immediately feel the difference and understand why others choose Maserati to any other luxury brands.

With Luxury Prestige Car Hire, you will get unforgettable emotions and pure pleasure by renting one of our Maserati cars. Feel the power of the Italian luxury car and fully enjoy the time spent driving Maserati. What you have been dreaming about for so long is now becoming a reality.

As we continue to grow our luxury car rental services, we now offer two of the favourite Maserati models available to hire: Maserati Gran Cabrio Sport and Maserati Quattroporte.

Masserati for hire

If you have an important event, a business trip or just need a presentable car for a short time, Maserati is a great choice. Maserati is a work of art in which the artist’s skill and the most innovative technologies merge together. Exclusive cars of the legendary Italian brand will provide you with incredible comfort and maximum pleasure from a trip of any length, and provide an opportunity to enjoy the classic’s luxury and elegance.

Maserati cars are distinguished not only by their unique design, but also by ease of operation and full comfort. Modern Maserati, while remaining faithful to the past, in the wake of technological progress is rapidly rushing into the future. Rent a Maserati at Luxury Prestige Car Hire to experience an incomparable feeling of true freedom.

Our managers at Luxury Prestige Car Hire will be happy to offer you one of the Maserati models available to hire, and arrange a delivery to any location, including an airport. All our luxury cars are available for short or long term hire. Contact us to book your favourite luxury car, or fill out the form and we will call you back to set you up for an exciting journey.