Jaguar is one of the brightest and most recognisable cars in the world. It combines the incredible style of a modern sports car with impeccable comfort. Jaguar car speaks about reliability and quality, from the very appearance to the bolts.

jaguar logoWhen you hear word “Jaguar”, an immediate association comes to mind with a graceful and very fast feline. And indeed, at the very first glance at any of the Jaguar cars, amazing body design and it’s amazing speed characteristics mesmerise the driving enthusiasts. The Jaguar’s bright appearance is more than just one of the modern cars, and even without looking under the hood you can easily see this car has powerful.

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Jaguar is an English automotive company specialising in the production of luxury cars, which is part of the Ford Motor Corporation. The story of Jaguar began in 1922 with the Swallow Sidecar motorcycle sidecar factory that was founded by William Lyons and William Walmsley. By 1926, the company Swallow has become a leading manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars in Britain, selling hundreds of them monthly. Stylish aluminium Swallow motorcycle sidecars immediately attracted the attention of motorists. Deciding not to stop there, the talented and enterprising William Lyons decides to try himself in a new direction – the production of Swallow car bodies. And in 1945, the company became known as Jaguar Cars.

Designed, engineered and built in the UK, Jaguar is ready to offer demanding drivers everything they expect from this luxury brand and even more, including excellent performance and high precision control.

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Jaguar will be your perfect choice for weddings or celebrations, and trips around the city or into the countryside. We recommend Jaguars to those who appreciate luxury, impeccable design and unique comfort of English cars.

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