BMW Z4 Roadster (2015 convertible – red)
BMW 7 Series (2017 coupe – black)
BMW 520D M Sport (2017 coupe – silver)

The famous BMW brand has always been a symbol of impeccable quality and high degree of safety. BMW cars are renowned for their comfort and reliability combined with high-tech innovations. All BMW series please the eye of motorists with its stylish design. Their elite high-performance models will delight you with its posh and luxurious character, unsurpassed dynamics and refined sophisticated styles.

To sit behind a wheel of one of the prestige cars are now possible through our rental services at Luxury Prestige Car Hire. It will bring you a step closer to your dream, and a great way to make the right impression when needed.
The history of BMW began with two small aircraft companies created before the First World War by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto – the son of Nikolaus August Otto, inventor of the internal combustion engine. During World War I, the German state experienced a great need for aircraft engines, which prompted the two designers to unite in one factory in 1917, which was called Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works).

BMW brand is an indicator of success, perhaps like no other car brand. One of our luxury BMW models will allow you to discover a new world filled with bright colours and sensations. The executive prestige BMW cars amaze with unmatched energy and manoeuvrability due to a powerful engine and innovative stabilising systems.
Some people are preferring futuristic Tesla. Others like executive cars like Cadillac or Chrysler. But no one will argue that an elegant luxury BMW is a car that everyone at least once wished to sit behind its wheel. With Luxury Prestige Car Hire your dream can become a reality.

Our BMW rental fleet at Luxury Prestige Car Hire boasts a whole collection of prestige high-performance cars. We are pleased to offer you one of the luxury BMW models that are available for hire: BMW Z4 Roadster, BMW 7 Series, and BMW 520D M Sport.

BMW Z4 Roadster fascinates with its appearance, it combines a soft folding roof, smooth bends and a low elongated hood, which makes its shape incredibly elegant and immediately catches an eye. This convertible has a bright character and spirited heart, and offers nothing more than pure driving pleasure. The BMW Z4 Roadster is one of the most sought after car rentals.

BMW 7 Series is an executive class prestige car. It embodies determination and uncompromising power and reliability, which is a perfect combination for people who clearly know what their want. The laconism of the forms and the elegant aggressiveness of BMW 7 Series fully comply with ideal standards of the German manufacturer. This car is very popular among business people who appreciate the dynamic driving style and the German quality.

BMW 520D M Sport is a recognised symbol of quality, reliability and prestige. Externally, this coupe not only looks expensive, but also very elegant. Thanks to the streamlined silhouette and smooth lines, the car has a stylish and sporty look. This is a perfect car for everyday driving, which is designed to meet the highest demands.

Luxury car rental is a perfect service at Luxury Prestige Car Hire for hiring BMW for various special events, weddings, corporate parties, birthdays and business meetings.

For your convenience, Luxury Prestige Car Hire can deliver these prestige cars to your home, hotel, or an airport. All our cars can be hired for short or long term, and regardless of the lease term, we provide technical support and assist in resolving any issues you may have. Contact us today to book one of the favourite BMWs and we will be happy to get you sorted for your new experience.